CHICAGO — A suburban ringleader has been sentenced to nine years for recruiting USPS employees for an elaborate mail-for-cash scheme.

Davey Hines, 30, of Naperville, was indicted along with several others, including five USPS employees, in 2021. He pleaded guilty to four counts charging conspiracy, receipt of stolen mail, access device fraud and aggravated identity theft on July 8, 2022

Hines was the ringleader of “Operation Cash on Delivery” — which occurred between June 2018 and December 2019.

The federal investigation identified USPS employees who stole credit cards and other financial instruments and provided them to Hines and others in exchange for cash or other items.

Hines, who also recruited most of the USPS employees, then worked with the others to unlawfully obtain the USPS customers’ personal information — including dates of birth and Social Security numbers.

Over the course of the conspiracy, more than 650 credit cards were stolen. The group made more than $460,000 in fraudulent purchases.

In total, five former USPS employees were charged in the conspiracy, along with Hines and five others.

  • Rebecca Okunoren, 28, of Chicago – former USPS employee
  • Jessica Jefferson, 32, of Broadview – former USPS employee
  • Monique Love, 29, of Chicago – former USPS employee
  • Myiesha Weaver, 34, of College Park, Georgia – former USPS employee
  • Dominque Sykes, 28, of Chicago – former USPS employee
  • Davey Hines, 28, of Naperville
  • Billye Harris, 26, Harvey
  • Terrance Scales, 29, of Chicago
  • Stephon Johnson, 33, of Alsip
  • Loreal Ross, 31, of Chicago
  • Brittnay Shepard, 28, of Chicago

Hines committed the offenses while on court-supervised release following a prior conviction for bank fraud in 2015.

In addition to the nine years, Hines has to pay restitution and will face three years of supervised release after his sentence.