LOMBARD, Ill. — A man from Lombard is facing hate crime charges for allegedly verbally abusing and threatening to shoot two Muslim men.

According to the DuPage County State’s Attorney’s Office, 46-year-old Larry York is charged with two felony counts of hate crime.

On Thursday, a judge granted the prosecution’s motion to deny pre-trial release for York.

According to the petition, one of the victims arrived at an apartment complex in the 1300 block of S. Finley Road Tuesday night to meet a friend when York approached his vehicle and asked him what he was doing there.

York allegedly swore at the victim, told him he hates Muslims, and that he does not belong in the country and he should leave.

When the victim rolled up his window, prosecutors said York began punching it before walking into the lobby, where the second victim was exiting the elevator.

It is alleged that York began to swear at the second victim and threatened to beat him and slam the building door in his face as the man was trying to leave.

According to court documents York approached the two victims again outside and began swearing at them. It was at that time prosecutors allege York told the two men he called four of his friends who were coming over to shoot them.

York is accused of lunging at the two victims in an attempt to provoke them into a fight. While one of the victims was sitting on the bench, prosecutors said York lifted the opposite end, causing the man to fall on the ground.

The victim told investigators he pulled out his phone to record the interaction after being knocked off the bench.

Investigators noted York was caught on camera making statements including, “F**k you f***ing Muslim motherf******s. This is America. Get the f*** out of here. I’ll shoot you, motherf******s, get out of here.”

York was taken into custody the following day and was charged. He remains in jail, expected to face a judge on Nov. 2 for his arraignment.

York’s criminal history dates back to the mid-90s, according to court records, and includes, but is not limited to, cases of domestic battery, criminal damage to property, and attempted obstruction of justice.

After he was arrested at a bar, court records state he made statements to investigators about Muslims and Arabs.

Many residents of the apartment complex said they feel uneasy about what happened.

One resident, who didn’t want to be identified, said a number of Muslim families call the complex home and they just want to feel safe at night.

“It was kind of disturbing, to be honest, to see that,” the resident said. “It’s just non-human. People who live here, we’re just all humans in the end. We just don’t want that to be honest.”

The man told WGN-TV he moved to the area not long ago, and generally feels safe, but is disappointed by the incident that unfolded Tuesday.

“This neighborhood is pretty safe, and in Lombard, it’s a big Muslim community,” the man shared.

CAIR-Chicago thanked law enforcement in a statement for apprehending and charging the suspect in what it called a disturbing incident.

“This is a standard to follow if we are to stand a chance of deterrence. CAIR-Chicago has been inundated with hate incidents not seen since 9/11,” the statement read. “There is widespread palpable apprehension in the community.”