OAK PARK, Ill. — A century-old church and another church in Oak Park suffered damage from the recent high winds.

School was in session Wednesday at The Children’s School, which rents space from St. Edmund Parish, when huge pieces of stone were blown onto the sidewalk from the top of the building.

“I was shocked, I was surprised,” St. Edmund Catholic Parishioner Tom Pivarski said. “I was surprised both buildings were damaged, the school and the church.”

A parent of one of the school children said she heard the spires crash to the ground around 1 or 1:30 p.m. while school was in session. Along with the heavy stones, shingles appeared to have blown off the building and street signs were on the ground.

A sixth-grader said he was in school when the storm brought the stones to the ground.

“Me and my friend Henry, we were looking outside of the window and we saw how these crazy winds were blowing stuff around,” Jackson said.

No injuries were reported.

According to St. Edmund’s website, services leading up to Easter Sunday and Easter services will be held at Ascension Parish in Oak Park.

Another church in Oak Park, Pilgrim Congregational Church UCC, is also dealing with some damage.

The weather tore shingles off, broke glass on an outdoor elevator and caused a large tree limb to fall and damage a neighbor’s fence.

Church Manager Joycelin Fowler said she and others eventually took cover in the basement.

“I was sitting in the parlor and just heard wind and just felt like the wind was trying to pull the walls away from the building,” Fowler said. “It was so loud.”