HINSDALE, Ill. — No criminal charges will be filed against the teenage driver who crashed into a Hinsdale sub shop this summer, killing a 14-year-old boy. 

Sean Richards was critically injured and later died after being struck by a jeep driving out of Fuller’s Car Wash on July 21. The car crashed into Fontano’s Subs near the intersection of Chicago Avenue and Lincoln Street in Hinsdale.

Three other people were hurt. 

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A joint investigation with the Hinsdale Police Department found the 16-year-old was working at Fuller’s Car Wash across the street. The investigation found that the teenager was pulling out of the car wash tunnel when he accidentally hit the gas instead of the brake. 

Calling the death of Sean Richards a “horrible accident,” a joint statement from DuPage County State’s Attorney Robert Berlin and Hinsdale Chief of Police Brian King concluded that evidence did not align with intent to harm or reckless driving.

“Based on the results of the investigation and the evaluation of the evidence in the context of Illinois law, we have reached the conclusion that the 16-year-old boy responsible for the accident will face three traffic offenses but will not be charged with any other criminal offenses,” the statement read.

Dupage County cited the 16-year-old driver with three traffic offenses:

  • Failure to exercise due care to avoid colliding with a pedestrian
  • Failure to yield the right of way to a pedestrian on a sidewalk
  • Failure to decrease speed to avoid colliding with a person

No drugs or alcohol were found in the 16-year-old driver’s blood or urine.