OAKBROOK TERRACE, Ill. — Federal authorities announced an indictment against former Oakbrook Terrace Mayor Anthony “Tony” Ragucci following his alleged role in a lucrative bribery and kickback scheme.  

The filing by the US Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois surrounds a controversial red-light camera that had been the subject of a lawsuit by neighboring Oakbrook.

Following an 11-year tenure as mayor, Ragucci resigned in January 2020 under a cloud of a federal corruption probe. 

The 7-page federal indictment points to an alleged scheme hatched in or around 2016, involving a village contract with an unnamed Chicago red-light camera company identified in the filing as “Company A.”   

Unbeknownst to Ragucci, the indictment reads contractors with “Company A” and others were already cooperating with federal agencies. 

“Individual B-1,” as described in the indictment, consummated the alleged 4-year-bribery scheme with an offer to pay off one of the mayor’s relatives. 

Red-light camera.

Both parties allegedly agreed “Individual B-1” would instead pay Ragucci $3,500 every month, with the payments based on revenue generated by “Company A’s” red-light cameras in Oakbrook Terrace.

The controversial cameras were erected at busy Route 83 and 22nd street on the border between Oakbrook Terrace and the Village of Oakbrook, one of the western suburbs’ busiest intersections.  

According to the US Attorney’s office, “Company A” received an undisclosed portion of the proceeds from camera violations.  

Subsequent one-year-renewals of the contract allegedly resulted in more kickbacks.   

In 2019, investigators say Ragucci accepted $7,500 from “Individual A.” The onus of the elaborate scheme, feds say, fell on the Mayor’s shoulders. 

The indictment reads: “…it was part of the scheme that Ragucci solicited, agreed to accept, and accepted things of value from “Individual A,” “Individual B-1,” “Individual B-2,” and “Individual B-3,” including cash, in return for performing acts in his position as Oakbrook Terrace Mayor.”

WGN News attempts to contact Ragucci on Monday were not immediately returned. Current Oakbrook Terrace Mayor Paul Esposito and six area alderman also declined to comment.

Gopal Lalmalani, Oak Brook Village president, provided a statement that read, “the red light camera at the intersection of Route 83 and 22nd Street was installed solely as the result of corruption and must be removed immediately.”

Village of Oak Brook sued Oak Brook Terrace but officials withdrew the lawsuit on the advice of their legal team.