CHICAGO — A wintry mix of rain, snow and sleet is falling across some parts of the area Friday, and expected to create a messy morning commute.

A Winter Weather Advisory was issued for McHenry and Lake County until 1 p.m.

A period of heavy wet snow is expected with 2-4″ accumulations of snow possible. Expect periods of sharply reduced visibilities and hazardous travel impacting part of the morning commute.

Cloudy and wintry conditions Friday, with winds: E 10-15 G20. High: 35.

Lingering drizzle expected Friday night. Winds: E 5-10 G15. Low: 35.

Saturday Forecast: Cloudy, light rain/drizzle possible. Winds: ESE 5-15. High: 40.

The storm left behind a carpet of snow in Lake Couty. But it’s a slushy sloppy mess on the roadways for the Friday afternoon rush hour.

“We don’t anticipate that this is going to cause any icing or larger concerns,” David Brown, the director of public works for Vernon Hills, said.

Warm pavement was melting the snow in the north suburb and getting help from others.

“We have roads that are plowed by IDOT, some by the Lake County Transporation Department and we coordinate very well,” Brown said.

Arslanov Arslan is from Kazakhstan and wishes his fellow motorists would slow down just a bit.