Winter Weather Advisory in effect until Midnight for much of the Chicago area


Hazardous travel conditions will exist across much of the Chicago area this Friday evening, as temperatures drop closer to the 30-degree mark and rain changes over to a wet snow. Treated main thoroughfares will be wet with a few slick spots, while secondary roads and especially streets and sidewalks will be icy, as a result of the extended period of freezing rain/sleet experienced earlier today.

The counties shaded in purple on the headlined map will be under a Winter Weather Advisory for potentially accumulating snow and hazardous driving/outdoor conditions until midnight CST. One to three-inches of snow could accumulate this evening with the higher amounts more likely far north in counties adjacent to the Illinois-Wisconsin state line. Snow should end from the west later tonight. Checking the updating maps below, where temperatures drop to 32-degrees or lower and snow continues to fall will be areas to take extra precaution when traveling or participating in outdoor activities.  On the radar map snow is depicted by blue and white shades, freezing rain pink and rain in green.

Current Temperatures
Regional Weather Radar Mosaic


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