Winter Weather Advisory for an additional 1 to 3-inches continues for a good portion of the Chicago area Saturday


Update 5:30AM CST…

The Winter Weather Advisory remains in effect for the Chicago area today into the evening in Illinois along and north of Interstate-80 (purple-shaded counties on the headlined map) – additional snowfall of 1 to as much as 3-inches is expected before the snow gradually diminishes and ends from the west this afternoon/evening.

With temperatures holding in the upper 20s and lower 30s highways and streets, sidewalks, parking lots especially may still be slick and snow-covered causing hazardous conditions, so drive carefully and watch your step.

Heaviest snowfall thus far has been west of the Fox River Valley where 2 to 3-inch totals were reported earlier this morning. The surface low pressure system will move east out of Lake Michigan into Lower Michigan as will the supporting upper low pressure center with steady snow continuing this morning here before tapering off as the system tracks off to the east this afternoon.

See the Regional Weather Radar Mosaic below for latest storm progress.


Update 8:30PM CST…

The Winter Weather Advisory remains on-target with 3 to 6-inches of total snowfall over the Advisory area (purple-shaded counties on the headlined map) with pockets of even greater totals possible by the ending-time of snowfall later Saturday.

As of 8:30PM CST, rain has changed over to wet snow in our northern and western-most counties, and it appears that the rain change-over to snow will progress east and be complete by or shortly after midnight.

Latest Regional Weather Radar Mosaic…


CHICAGO — A Winter Weather Advisory remains in effect for Chicago area.

Counties in northeast Illinois along and north of Interstate-80 (purple-shaded counties on the headlined map).

Hazardous travel conditions will exist for an extended period – the least amount of snow 2-inches or less may occur right along the Lake Michigan shoreline with amounts increasing to 6-inches, possibly even an inch or two more farther inland. The snow will have a high moisture content and be difficult to shovel/move.

As a center of low pressure moves north, passing just to the east of Chicago overnight, winds will shift to the north-northeast pulling colder air into northern Illinois. Rain or a rain/snow mix will change over to heavy wet snow this evening and continue through the night into Saturday morning, as system snow combines with and is enhanced by lake-effect snow.  The heavy wet snow will slowly end from the west during the day Saturday and Saturday evening, as the low pressure pulls away to the northeast.


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