Windy day on Lake Michigan; Advisories issued


It’ll be a rough day on Lake Michigan!

Small craft advisories, a lakeshore flood advisory and a beach hazards statement are in effect into Friday on the Chicago shoreline and adjacent Lake Michigan waters. This will last until 7 a.m. Friday.

Winds have been gusting over 30 mph and 3.9 ft waves have been reported at the NOAA buoy 49 miles southeast of Milwaukee.

There’s nothing like a strong NE wind to churn Lake Michigan. It makes for quite a sight and the roar of the water is something to take in as well.

This is the view of Lake Michigan from Chicago’s Edgewater neighborhood off Kathy Osterman Beach at the north end of Lakeshore Drive. It’s quite a sight!

The morning sky is a big less hazy/smoky than in recent mornings. The weather shift driving the winds and waves down here at ground/lake level is the product of an upper air shift which brought a cold front through the area last evening.

That shift has produced a northwest rather than westerly flow up at jet stream level which has decreased our area’s access to high altitude smoke off the historic Western U. S. fires which continue to burn.

It’s a temporary reprieve here. The smoke is likely to return at high altitudes when a westerly upper flow resumes by early next week.


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