Wind Advisory has expired – winds will diminish overnight

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Update 3:30PM CDT…

The Wind Advisory has expired. Westerly winds gusting over 30 miles per hour will continue into the evening – then slowly diminish overnight.

Map of Forecast Area

A Wind Advisory has been issued for approximately the portion of the Chicago area along the Fox River Valley and west, calling for westerly winds gusting at times to 45-50 miles per hour from early Wednesday morning until later Wednesday afternoon.


Counties affected are tan-shaded on the headlined map – extending farther west through western Illinois into Iowa and north into southern Wisconsin and Minnesota (for greater detail, see map below).

Strong winds will occur over the remainder of the Chicago area, but are not likely to reach advisory criteria – with gusts more in the 35 to 40 mile per hour range.

The very strong winds will likely toss around unsecured objects and create travel difficulties, especially for high-profile vehicles travelling north-south roadways. Tree limbs could be broken off and power outages may occur.

The intensifying center of low pressure will move into western Lake Superior Tuesday, with a secondary surge of cold air sweeping into northern Illinois, creating even more atmospheric instability in the lower layers just above the ground. Cloudiness and scattered light showers will accompany the strong winds as they very slowly shift from west-southwest to west-northwest during the day Tuesday. The low pressure will finally begin to weaken as it moves off to the northeast with slowly clearing skies and diminishing winds Tuesday night into Wednesday.


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