What is the record for the coldest high this late in the season?

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Dear Tom,
So far this year our warmest temp has only been 83 degrees. Is that a record for the coldest high this late in the season?
Pat Byrne, Hoffman Estates
Dave Anderson
Dear Pat and Dave,
While the lack of warmth this season has been stunning, it has not yet reached record territory. Should the city’s high temperature not top 83-degrees by June 25, 2019 would tie 1883 for the lowest high temperature this late in the season. Should the season’s high remain at 83 through June 29, then the city would establish new record, undercutting the 84-degree high through that date reached in 1935. With a trend to warmer weather now showing up in the forecast, it appears that the 1935 record may stand. In contrast, the city has endured triple-digit heat in nine years through June 29, most recently a high of 100 degrees on June 28, 2012.


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