What is the city’s lowest record high temp?


Dear Tom,
I notice the record high for February 2 is 51. What is the city’s lowest record high?
Bob O’Kelly Downers Grove
Dear Bob,
That’s it! There have been no record highs in Chicago that were lower. We posed your question to Chicago weather historian Frank Wachowski who reported that dating back to 1871, the February 2 record high of 51-degrees that was toppled Sunday, was the city’s lowest-hanging fruit. Prior to Sunday’s new-record high of 52, Chicago’s previous February 2 record highs were 51 in 1992, 50 in 1987 and 49 in 1920. Despite today’s new record, February 2 will still lay claim to the city’s lowest record high. Next in line are the record highs of 55 on January 30 (1988) and 56 on January 5 (1890) February 1 (1968), and February 5 (1946). On the opposite end of the spectrum, the city’s highest record high is 105 degrees established on July 24, 1934.


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