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Heat and humidity gave way to a burst of storms Wednesday afternoon, causing some damage in the area.

The National Weather Service issued several Severe Thunderstorm Warnings for the Chicago area.

There have been several reports of trees down throughout the area. In the Avondale neighborhood, WGN News was at the scene of a tree on the porch in the 3200 block of North Albany Avenue.

“It sounded like a really huge rumble like someone stomped on our house, stomped through our house, and then there was a shake like a big earthquake,” Luca Aceves said.

Due to the commotion, Aceves had to wake up his mother.

“It was a good nap until it wasn’t,” Ellen Aceves said.

Near Bell and Addison, gusts around 60 miles per hour were able to topple a tree that came down on a few vehicles.

Thursday Forecast: Partly cloudy, 20% rain chance, cooler lakeside. Winds: NNE 10-15 G20. High: 79/73.