1. Wintry weather to impact parts of Chicagoland

Dampening weather system forecast to spread snow across areas NW-N of the city. Heaviest snowfall is expected to be ongoing during the morning commute producing reduced visibility and slushy accumulations on roadways. Snow will taper to flurries or patchy drizzle by early afternoon.

2. It’s been mild in Chicago, but winter has definitely arrived to our north—observed temps at 6 AM Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Through the month’s first 8 days, December 2022 has been mild in Chicago with temps averaging about 2.5 degrees above normal and only a trace of snow recorded. Less than a day’s ride west on I-90 or I-94 and one will find a vastly different environment. Snow covers much of the northern Plains and upper Midwest. In addition, bitterly cold air has migrated south of the Canadian border. Wednesday morning readings dipped to near -30 F over parts of N. Dakota. Satellite imagery showed snow-producing clouds from S. Dakota to NW Wisconsin. The effect cloud cover has on temps is highlighted by relatively “warmer” readings.

3. Chicago area expected to be spared the worst of upcoming winter storm

System to impact large swath of the country next week

4. Colder, perhaps snowier weather may arrive after mid-month

Though Chicago has been generally unaffected by winter weather compared to areas just to our north and northwest, the latter part of December may play out differently. European Model Ensemble forecasts suggest that sub-normal temps covering the western U.S. will migrate eastward across the western Great Lakes during the week of December 18th. This also increases the chance that we could have our first white Christmas since 2017. Cumulative snowfall forecasts (which should be taken loosely at this point in time) do suggest a potential for snow during the December 18-23 period.