Winter weather hits NW Indiana; Lake Shore Flood Advisory issued for Chicago

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Winter weather advisories are in effect in northwest Indiana as lake effect snow hit certain areas Monday.

A winter storm warning was issued for LaPorte County in Indiana and Berrien County in Michigan, causing snow squalls.

There is also a Lakeshore Flood Advisory in effect for Chicago and the northeast Illinois shoreline and a Lakeshore Flood Warning for northwest Indiana and southwest lower Michigan.

The focus for snow today, tonight and Tuesday morning continues to be northwest Indiana. Snow won’t fall continuously there. Lake snows come in bursts and for those at the south end of the “lake snow plume” – the concentrated north/south band of snowfall you see on weather radar – the snowfall can be quite intense, with periods in which near white-out conditions occur.

Radar snapshot at 9:10 am Tuesday. The depiction paints as “rain” some of the lake effect precip which is most likely snow. I noticed snowflakes sitting on my grill here in the Edgewater neighborhood in the city’s North Side confirming that precip here has fallen as snow.

Lake snows don’t cover the vast stretch of real estate the more widespread “system snows” in storms do, but they can and do produce travel issues when and where they’re occurring.

The snows in these plumes fall in a relatively narrow band. The weather and any snowfall on either side of such bands can be quite limited.

Powerful winds with this huge autumn weather system are creating a “storm surge” effect on the south end of the lake. The effect will be to submerge portions of Chicago’s beach and allow waves and water to access some lakeside trails–so be careful.

Skies in Chicago will be turning cloudy later tonight and partly sunny Tuesday through cold, gusty winds will continue here in the city through Tuesday.

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