Will Chicago move clocks back in November to Central Standard Time?

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Dear Tom,
I get conflicting answers on if Chicago will move clocks back in November. What is the real answer?

Jack Hardekopf Sandwich

Dear Jack,

Chicago and Illinois will return to Central Standard Time at 2am on Sunday, November 1.

Last November, the Illinois Senate did pass a bill to make Daylight Saving Time permanent year-round in Illinois, but that bill was never acted upon by the Illinois House. Additionally, a bill for nationwide Daylight Saving Time was introduced in the U.S. Senate, but that bill has also stalled.

There is a growing sentiment for year-round daylight time, and that may eventually occur.

There have been two occasions when Chicago was on year-round DST. It first happened during World War II, and again during the oil energy crisis in early 1974, when the Emergency DST Energy Conservation Act put the nation on year-round DST for 15 months.


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