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Dear Tom,
When was the last time Chicago having a white Christmas was never in doubt?
—Jill P. Bolingbrook
Dear Jill,
It’s been a while. On Christmas Day in 2016, two inches of snow covered on the ground, the remnants of a continuous snow cover since December 11 in the wake of a 7.8-inch snowfall on Dec. 10-11. More snow fell the following week, with the snow depth peaking at six inches from Dec. 18-20. The snow dwindled after that as temperatures climbed above freezing, and the snow was gone by Dec. 26 when high reached a balmy 54 degrees. Prior to that, was a trio of Christmases from 2008-2010. In 2008, the city was snow-covered from Dec.17 on with six inches on the ground Christmas Day. In 2009, snow covered the ground from Dec. 19, and in 2010 the city logged continuous snow cover from Dec. 4 with a five-inch depth on Dec. 25.