When was the first tornado warning issued?

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Dear Tom,
When was the first tornado warning ever issued?

Margo Zarharek

Dear Margo,
The first tornado warning ever issued was by Air Force Captain Robert C. Miller and Major Ernest J. Fawbush, on March 25, 1948, for Tinker Air force Base in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. In the afternoon of March 25, they noticed striking similarities between the developing weather situation and others that had produced tornadoes in Oklahoma. In particular, it was a situation very similar to an event several days earlier that had produced a tornado at Tinker Air Force Base. Miller and Fawbush advised their superior officer of what they deemed to be a tornado threat for Tinker. A tornado roared through Tinker Air Force Base that evening, causing considerable damage and a few injuries, but the destruction could have been worse had the warning not been issued.


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