Dear Tom,

When was Chicago’s last double-digit snowstorm?

Wendy Bradford

Dear Wendy,

It’s been almost two years. The city’s last snowstorm that produced 10 or more inches of snow occurred on Jan. 30-31 2021 when the Chicago area was hit by an official 10.8-inch snowfall. Snowfall on January 30 totaled 4.5 inches, followed by 6.3 inches on January 31. The snow began around 2 pm on January 30 and continued for more than 30 hours before ending during the late evening on January 31. The snow was accompanied by strong and gusty winds to more than 40 mph which produced some blowing and drifting. After that storm, the city’s largest snowfall was 6.9 inches which fell about two weeks later on February 15-16. Last winter’s biggest snowfall was just a 5.7-inch affair on January 23-24, 2022.