Dear Tom,
My father passed away on Jan. 16, 1995, and I recall that it was bitterly cold.
Jacqueline Ortegel, Downers Grove

Dear Jacqueline,
Chicago’s temperatures on Jan, 16, 1995, were relatively mild: 36 and 31 degrees (high and low temperatures; a few days before and after the 16th were also mild. The bitterly cold temperatures that you recall were registered one year earlier, in 1994.
Low temperatures from Jan. 14-21, 1994, a period of eight days: -10 degrees on the 14th, then -17, -16, -13, -21, -19, -12, -5. The 18th was the coldest day, with a high of 11 below zero and low of 21 below. January of this year, 2021, was relatively mild. Highs for the month averaged 34.7 degrees at Midway Airport and lows, 25.0 degrees, compared to the normals of 31.5 and 18.2 degrees.