What year had the most days with record precipitation?

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Dear Tom,
I’ve counted five days so far in 2020 that set new records for precipitation. What year featured the most days? I would think 2020 is near the top of the list.

Bill Emrich Evanston

Dear Bill,
This year has opened impressively wet, and as you observed has already set five daily precipitation records during the first half of the year. Chicago weather historian Frank Wachowski scoured the city’s daily precipitation records dating back to 1871 and found that 1983 leads all other years with eight daily precipitation records- two in both March and April, and one in May, June, October, and November. The runner-up year was 1876 with seven daily records- one in January, two in February and one in March, June, July, and November. With nearly half a year to go, it certainly is possible that 2020 could tie or surpass 1983 and/or 1876.


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