Dear Tom,
My husband and I recall that during the winter of 2013-14 there were many days when it snowed. What winter season has the record for the most days of measurable snow?

Sue Swedler Naperville

Dear Sue,
Your memories of a lot of snowy days that winter are accurate. Chicago’s 2013-14 winter logged 51 days with measurable snowfall(0.1 inches or more), good enough for second place in the city’s snow days tally, topped only by 53 days during the winter of 1961-62. The 2013-14 winter produced a lot more snow totaling 82.0 inches, compared to just 58.9 inches in 1961-62. In contrast, the winters with the few days of measurable snowfall were 2016-17, 1994-95, and 1943-44 all with 15. Chicago climatologist and weather historian told us that a typical Chicago winter logs about 28 days a year, with measurable snowfall averaging just over 38 inches.