Dear Tom,

What was the reason for the change of reporting of temps from Midway Airport to Chicago O’Hare Airport?
Bill Giometti , Chicago Ridge

Dear Bill,

The switch of the official Chicago climate station from Midway to O’Hare took place Jan. 16, 1980, ending a nearly 38-year run with Midway being the city’s official site. The growth of commercial aviation in the 1950s warranted the opening of a second weather office at O’Hare on Oct. 30, 1958, though Midway remained official. However, in the late 1970s, budget considerations made it impossible to staff two weather offices, and with aviation’s future clearly at O’Hare, the Midway office was closed.  However, Midway’s weather observations continue, uninterrupted since 1928, through the help of contract observers, automated equipment and retired National Weather Service observer Frank Wachowski.