Dear Tom,
I just saw the record 117-day string of 70-degree+ days from 2005, but is the record for 80 or 90-degree days from the summer of 1988?
George Scukanec, Plainfield

Dear George,
It is not. Chicago weather historian Frank Wachowski ran the numbers and provided the following information. The drought summer of 1988 does hold the record for the greatest annual total number of 90-degree+ plus days with 47 and 100-degree+ days with 7, but falls well short of the 2005 record of 103 days of 80 or higher, logging just 94. The record for consecutive 80-degree+
days is 46 from July 2-August 16, 2010 while 1988 had just 29 in row. The city’s record for consecutive 90-degree+ days is 11 and was set in 1953 and tied in 1954, 1955, and 1959. The longest run of 90-degree plus days in 1988 was nine from July 27-August 4.