What is the difference between a wake low and a seiche?

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Dear Tom,

What is the difference between a wake low and a seiche?
Joy Hajduk-DeGraff
Dear Joy,
There is no similarity between these terms. A wake low is an area of low pressure that forms behind a mesoscale high following a line of thunderstorms (squall line). Squall lines often have a small area of high pressure that forms behind the thunderstorms, and immediately behind that is the wake low. Subsiding air is associated with the formation of a wake low and, consequently, clearing skies usually are produced by it. A seiche is a fluctuation in water levels on an enclosed body of water like Lake Michigan. Seiches affecting Chicagoland are produced when air pressure surges associated with southeastward moving squall lines strike the lake, setting up a surge of water that moves east, reflects off the Lower Michigan shore and returns to the Chicago area as a seiche.


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