What is the coolest August in Chicago history?

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Dear Tom,
We are experiencing a few days of cooler temperatures. What is the coolest August in  Chicago history?

Tom Downes 
Mount Greenwood

Dear Tom,

The August “chill” award dates back more than a century and goes to August, 1915 when the month averaged just 66.6 degrees, nearly six degrees below the current August normal temperature of 72.4 degrees. The month registered only five days where the mercury reached 80, with the warmest day being August 15 with a high of 86. There were 11 days with highs in the 60s and even one day that never made it out of the 50s- August 30 with a high of 58 and low of 47. The summer of 1915 was the city’s second coolest summer, logging just one 90-degree day- a late-season 90-degree high on September 14. On the hot end of the scale, August 1947 was the city’s warmest, averaging 80.2 degrees.


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