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Dear Tom,

You just reported that we haven’t had measurable snow in Chicago since March 15. What is the city’s record for the longest period between measurable snowfalls?

Thanks, Peter Castillo

Dear Peter,

That honor goes to 2012 where the span between the last measurable snow in spring (0.3” on March 4) to the first in fall or winter (December 20 0.2”) was 290 days.

Runners-up were 1994 with 280 days, 1946 with 277 days, and 1999 with 269 days. If we were to break that 2012 record this season (266 days), the season’s first measurable snow would have to hold off until at least December 31, very unlikely, but not impossible. For reference, the city’s typical snow-free span is 226 days from April 3-November 16. The shortest period on record occurred in 1989 with just 164 days between a 0.5” snowfall on May 6 to a 0.7” snowfall on October 18.