What is the Chicago record for the greatest one-hour rainfall total?

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Dear Tom,
The afternoon of June 26 brought continuous, torrential downpours from around noon thru 1:30 pm. What is the city’s record for the greatest one-hour rainfall?
— James Hickey Chicago
Dear James,
While the rains from Saturday’s storms were intense, they fell far short of the deluges that swamped the Chicago area on June 13, 1976. That day a severe t-storm not only spawned the F-4 Lemont Tornado, but also produced intense flooding rains. The official gauge at Midway Airport recorded 3.34 inches of rain in one hour and 4.29 inches in two hours, both records. In that same storm, Chicago weather observer Frank Wachowski measured 5.10 inches in one hour and 7.38 inches in just three hours at his Burbank home. Though not official, on June 10, 1967 the downtown weather office received 3.50 inches in 1 hour and 5.20 inches in two hours as deluges flooded the Loop.

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