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Dear Tom,

We’ve already logged several 90-degree days this June. What is Chicago’s record for the most June 90s?

Hank Petrillo

Dear Hank,

While the city has recorded 90-degree plus heat in both April and May, June typically marks the true start of Chicago’s hot-weather season. Dating back to the beginning of the city’s climatological records in 1871, about 80 percent of all Junes have produced at least one 90-degree day, with the month’s long-term average at four. The city’s last 90-less June occurred more than two decades ago in 2000. The June with the most 90s took place in 1954 when 16 were recorded, nearly half of the year’s final total of 36. During the hot, drought summer of 1988, June logged 14 90-degree plus days, nearly 30 percent of the record 47 days 90-degree days that year, with three of those dates producing triple-digit highs.