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Dear Tom,

Snow is obviously out of the Christmas picture this year. What has been Chicago’s rainiest Christmas?

Thanks, Tyler Green

Dear Tyler,

Rain is something most people don’t like to see on Christmas, but it does occur. The city’s wettest Christmas was also its warmest. In 1982, the high temperature on Christmas Day was an unbelievably mild record high of 64, and the city received 0.47 inches of rain, the most ever to fall here on Christmas Day. In fact, a thundery Christmas Eve deluge brought a record 1.71 inches of rain, boosting the two-day total to 2.18 inches. Dominated by a persistent strong El Nino, December 1982 reigns the city’s wettest December with a total rainfall of 8.56 inches. In addition to the Christmas period rains, cloudbursts on Dec. 2-3 brought 4.61 inches of rain, triggering widespread flooding, with the Deerfield area particularly hard hit.