What are the records for the warmest, coolest, wettest and driest springs in Chicago?

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Dear Tom,
What are the records for the warmest and coolest springs in Chicago? Also the wettest and driest.

Kevin Mitchell

Dear Kevin
Meteorological spring consists of the months of March, April and May. Chicago’s warmest and coolest springs were in 2012 with 56.6 degrees and 1892 with 42.2 degrees, respectively. The driest spring was in 1887 with 2.73 inches; wettest was 17.51 inches in 1983. Those figures are derived from the complete official station record, 1871 through 2019. However, the location of Chicago’s official station has been moved to different spots several times and is currently located at O’Hare International Airport. Data for Midway Airport, 1928 to the present, are: warmest spring, 56.8 degrees in 2012; coolest, 44.1 degrees in 1947. Driest spring, 2.79 inches in 1934; wettest, 18.60 inches in 2019.


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