What are the record largest-season snow splits?

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Dear Tom, 
The second half of Chicago’s 2020-21 winter has been far snowier than the first. Using January 15 as a midpoint and snowfall as a yardstick, what are the record largest-season snow splits?

Tom Gregg 

Dear Tom,

This snow season through January 15, the city had received just 5.4 inches, but since then, new snowfall is more than 30 inches and counting. We had Chicago weather historian Frank Wachowski check the city’s snow seasons dating back to 1884-85 for the largest early and late-season splits. He found that honor went to the 1966-67 snow season. That winter, the city’s snowfall through January 15 stood at just 10.8 inches. However, buoyed by the city’s record 23.0 inch “Big Snow” on January 26-27, 1967, the second half of that snow season logged 57.6 inches of snow, a difference of 46.8 inches, and brought the total full-season snowfall to 68.4 inches.


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