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Dear Tom,
For those who are traveling on Thanksgiving or considering a Turkey Trot, what are the odds of getting snow on that holiday? How often have we had measurable snowfall on Thanksgiving?
Paul Lockwood, Woodstock

Dear Paul,
Celebrated in late November, Thanksgivings in Chicago tend to be on the cold side. White Thanksgivings, defined by an inch or more of snow on the ground on the holiday have occurred in 14 years, most recently in 2004 when a Thanksgiving Eve storm brought 4.3 inches of snow. The deepest snow cover on the holiday was 8 inches in both 1895 and 1975, and the most snow to fall on Thanksgiving Day was 3.0 inches on Nov. 27, 1950. Since 1884 when the city’s snow climatology began, at least a trace of snow has fallen on the holiday in 41 years, the most recent occurrence, a trace in 2014 on November 27th.