What are the chances for snow on opening day for the Chicago Cubs?

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Dear Tom,
As a life-long resident of northeastern Illinois, I’ve witnessed too many opening days at both ballparks snowed out. With baseball’s opening day now delayed, what are the chances of a snow day?

Jim O’Connor Chicago

Dear Jim,
With Opening Day on hold until mid-May at the very earliest, for a change we can say it is about zero. This year’s initially scheduled opening days of March 26 for the White Sox and March 30 for the Cubs raised eyebrows because of the increased possibility of snow and or cold weather. Dating back to 1885, snow has fallen on March 26 in more than 30% of the years with measurable snow on 18 days and traces on 24 days. March 30 fared a bit better with snow falling more than 20% of the years. Measurable snow fell in 17 years and trace amounts in 15 years. Chicago’s latest measurable snow occurred on May 11, 1966 when 0.2 inches was measured.


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