Dear Tom,

So far this spring, the official rain totals are above “normal.” What are the all-time Chicago records for the most rain and the least rain during meteorological spring? —Lloyd Fry, Chicago

Dear Lloyd,

Defining meteorological spring as March, April and May, Chicago’s spring precipitation totals have run the gamut from desert to rainforest. Chicago climatologist Frank Wachowski ranked the city’s 151 springs dating back to 1871 and found that spring precipitation has varied from 2.73” in 1887 to 17.51” in 1983. Last year, spring was extremely dry, totaling just 3.75 inches, heralding the arrival of the drought, but prior to that, recent springs have been excessively wet with four of them ranking in the top ten. Spring 2020 ranks second wettest with 16.80”, 2019 third with 16.36”, 2013 fifth with 15.64” and 2011 ninth with 14.79”.