April 2023: a week ago temps were running more than 10-degrees warmer than the same period a year ago, and we’ve lost that edge. April 2023, given the chill of recent days—including the just completed weekend which came in more than 21-degrees cooler than last weekend—has now fallen 1-degrees behind a year ago.

  • While still posting a 4.6-degree surplus and having recorded 14 of its opening 24 days above normal, the recent chill has taken its toll on the April 2023 Chicago temp average.
  • Another chilly few days lie ahead. In fact, A FREEZE WATCH HAS ALREADY BEEN ISSUED for much of the Chicago area Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. With temperatures in the mid 20s by morning within 4,000 ft. of the surface, showers predicted to ride into the area may well be mixed with some snowflakes over at least part of the metro area.
  • It’s even possible some snow could temporarily stick on colder outdoor surfaces, particularly in northern counties, in the hours toward and just after daybreak Tuesday.
  • 40s are predicted in Chicago Tuesday—something which has happened since 1873 on only 31 of the past 151 April 25s—put differently, in only roughly 2 years in ten.
  • The coming week, though temps will rebound in the low 60s Thursday and Friday (but cooler along Lake Michigan which is close to the normal highs of 64-65 degrees for the time of year) modeling suggested another slug of unseasonably chilly and VERY UNSTABLE air is to dig into the Midwest this coming weekend. This is suggesting another SUB-NORMAL and sporadically rainy weekend is on the way.
  • The coming week is to average nearly 9-degrees below normal, and next week is to come in 6.6 degrees BELOW NORMAL.
  • But, there is some good news. It does appear temps will be rebounding to more “normal” levels late next week and the weekend which follows. We’ll keep an eye on that trend since daytime highs could be flirting with 70-degrees if current forecast trends verify.