Were the recent chilly May 5-11 temperatures among Chicago’s coldest on record for the date?

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Dear Tom,
We just experienced some very chilly weather from May 5th – 11th. Does this rank as one of the coldest?
—Pat Byrne Hoffman Estates
Dear Pat,
This year the period from May 5-11 averaged 48.0 degrees and ranks as the city’s 12th coldest such period. The mercury broke 60 on just two days early in the period, May 5 and 7, and the rest of the days logged highs in the 50s. Overnight lows were chilly, clustering in the upper 30s and lower 40s. However, the same period last year was even colder, ranking ninth coldest with an average temperature of 47.0 degrees. There were two days with highs in the 40s and three mornings with lows in the 30s, including a 31-degree freeze on May 9. The coldest May 5-11 period occurred in 1890, posting an average temperature of 44.4 degrees. There were four days with highs in the 40s and five nights with lows in the 30s.

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