Was Summer 2020 sunnier than usual?

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Dear Tom,
My husband, Devin, thinks it was sunnier than usual this summer. Any stats you can share to support his suspicion?

Ann Dunn

Dear Ann,
Devin is absolutely correct. All three months this summer averaged above normal in sunshine. August was the sunniest month with 73 percent of its possible sun, followed by July with 70 percent and June with 69 percent. The three-month meteorological summer period averaged 71 percent, well above the 66 percent summer normal. Chicago climatologist Frank Wachowski, who documents the city sunshine, reports this this has been the city’s sunniest summer since 2012 that averaged 76 percent. Wachowski also noted that the city’s all-time sunniest summer occurred more than a century ago in 1916, averaging 83 percent of its possible sun. The dreariest summer was in 1960, when the city logged just 54 percent of possible sunshine.


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