Dear Tom,

The official start of the Atlantic hurricane season is June 1, but it seems that in recent years storms have formed earlier. Is that the case?

Phil Patrice

Dear Phil,

You are correct. The first named tropical storm in the Atlantic Basin has occurred before June 1, in each of the past seven seasons, dating back to 2015. Last year Tropical Storm Ana formed on May 22 and in 2020 Tropical Storm Arthur formed on May 16. In 2017, Tropical Storm Arlene developed on April 19, and in an extremely rare occurrence, Hurricane Alex developed on January 12, 2016. The last season with a post-June 1st first storm was in 2014 when Hurricane Arthur was named on July 1. When the 2022 hurricane gets underway, the first four storms will be named Alex, Bonnie, Colin, and Danielle. Preliminary forecasts hint at another active hurricane season.