Thursday/Friday Weather System Impacts Chicago Area

Clouds spread over the Chicago area and thicken Thursday, with rain likely beginning here later Thursday afternoon/early evening and continuing overnight into Friday.

Rain could mix with or change over to wet snow north of Chicago – possible minor accumulations in southern Wisconsin and IL counties adjacent to the IL/WI border late Thursday night/Friday.

Early Saturday Set-up

  • Bitter cold Arctic air far north over Alaska/ northern Canada
  • North and Central U.S. and most of southern Canada in a broad temp transition zone, allowing brief incursions of cold air
  • Short wave #1 will move east, clipping the Chicago area – bringing cloudiness and some light rain here Saturday – mainly afternoon/evening.
  • Short Wave #2 will move SE digging and intensifying in the Rockies over the weekend, finally kicking a major low pressure system out of the Rockies and Central Plains – impacting our area Tuesday/Wednesday next week.

Chicago Temperature Outlook

U.S. Snow Cover Update

A week ago (Nov 30), 26.3% of the country was covered with snow. On Wednesday, Dec 7, 25.4% of the country was snow covered. While there does appear to be a thin layer of snow across Montana and central Wisconsin this week, previous snow over eastern portions of Colorado and Wyoming and much of Nebraska/portion of Iowa is gone.