This week’s wild weather ride includes cooler air, a 70-degree day, storm

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We’re in for a wild temp ride in the coming week!

The Chicago area will watch as snow accumulates in coming days over the Upper Midwest. It will be a snow cover over which single digits temps are to put in their first widespread appearance over the northern Rockies and Plains later this week.

As all that’s occurring, a surge of unseasonable warmth is likely to send Chicago temps. We open cool this week and stay that way the next two to three days.

Then we jump to unseasonable 70-degree levels by Thursday.

It sets the stage for a windy autumn storm likely to track to the city’s north but destined to tap some of that cold air generating a late week and coming weekend temp crash.

A second, windy wet system is to bring chilly rains to the Windy City in the opening days of next week followed by a new punch of chilly early season air.

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