Dear Tom,

As we “celebrate” the 55th anniversary of the Blizzard of ’67, I recall very warm weather just before the storm and playing outside without a jacket. What do the records show?
-Bob Best, Evanston

Dear Bob,

Your memories are right on. The mercury soared to a balmy record-breaking 65 on Jan. 24, 1967, a day when strong thunderstorms raked the city. Wind gusts to nearly 50 mph knocked down a wall of a building under construction. The temperature hit 54 on Jan. 25, but then cold air swept in and the historic snowstorm began early in the morning of January 26. Snowfall totaled 16.4″ on Jan. 26 with another 6.6″ inches on Jan. 27, bringing the storm total to 23.0 inches, the city’s record snowfall. Strong northeast winds gusting more than 50 mph piled the snow into huge drifts, shutting the city down for days.