The unseasonably warm Jan. 23, 1909

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Dear Tom,
What was the weather like Jan. 23, 1909, in Yorkville? I have a photo from that day, and the caption says the high was 76.
— Roger Weiss
Dear Roger,
Jan. 23, 1909, was a very warm day in Yorkville, but the 76-degree high is a bit exaggerated. Frank Wachowski provided the actual Yorkville records for that day, which indicate an unseasonably warm high of 65. It was sunny and windy with brisk southwest winds boosting temperatures to record levels statewide, including Chicago, where a still-standing record high of 65 was established downtown near the lake. Since 1871, Chicago has never recorded a 70 in January, the only month that has failed to do so, but that day 70s were recorded as close as Peoria, where the mercury peaked at 71. Early January 1909 featured some bitterly cold weather, with Yorkville logging a low of minus 12 on the 6th.


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