Dear Tom,

On June 9th 1972 friends and I shivered through a frigid and blustery White Sox win at old Comiskey Park. How cold was it that day?

—Mike Parenti Palatine

Dear Mike, There’s a good reason why you remember this game so vividly. It was unseasonably and unreasonably cold that June 9, 1972. The White Sox game was a night game that was played in upper 40 degree weather accompanied by strong north winds gusting as high as 40 mph and scattered showers. The weather was more typical of opening day than for early June. However, the record books don’t tell the real story since the high for that date is listed as 71 degrees, a reading recorded shortly after midnight. A strong cold front then passed and temperatures crashed, falling into the upper 40s by late afternoon, setting the weather stage for your memorably chilly Sox game.