The June 9, 1966 tornado in Arlington Heights

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Dear Tom,
My parents told me that they remember a tornado that struck in the Arlington Heights area back in the 1960s. Details?
Cathy Moran
Dear Cathy,
Your parents are correct. It was shortly after 6 am on June 9, 1966 when a severe thunderstorm packing wind gusts to nearly 80 mph swept the Chicago area. The thunderstorm spawned an F-2 twister that first touched down in Hoffman Estates, then skipped east-northeast along a 13-mile path through Arlington Heights and Prospect Heights. One person was killed and 23 injured as the storm caused property damage totaling nearly $4 million. As bad as the storm was, it could have been a lot worse. Just 10 hours earlier, the same thunderstorm complex spawned a devastating F-5 tornado that ravaged Topeka, Kan., killing 16, injuring 450 and causing nearly a quarter billion dollars in property damage along its 21-mile path.


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