The hot summer of 1991

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Dear Tom,

I seem to recall the summers of 1990 or 1991, or both, were above average in temperature.  Can you give me a read on that?

Mike Kane 
Arlington Heights

Dear Mike,

We sure can. Chicago climatologist Frank Wachowski reported that the summer of 1991 was definitely the hotter one. It averaged 73.7 degrees, well above the normal summer temperature of 71.8 degrees with all three months registering above-normal temperatures. There were 30 days where the mercury reached at least 90 degrees, including two days with triple-digit heat– highs of 101 degrees on July 22 and again on August 2. In contrast, the 1990 summer, with an average temperature of 71.1 degrees, was actually a bit below normal. That warm-season registered just 10 days in the 90s with the warmest days reaching 96 degrees on July 4 and September 6.


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