The heat of June 27, 1971 in Chicago

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Dear Tom,
Mark and I were married on June 27, 1971, in Skokie. For 50 years, we have said we got married on the hottest day, 107 degrees. However, when I look up Chicago temperatures, it says the high that day was 101 officially in Chicago. Can you find higher readings for that date?
—Thanks, Barb Rosenberg
Dear Barb,
Happy 50th anniversary. We checked the record books for that date, and the official high of 101 at Midway Airport was the highest in all the Chicago area. The high at O’Hare that day was just 96 degrees. The summer of 1971 was hot, with back-to-back highs of 101 on June 27 and 28, and 33 other days when the mercury reached at least 90 degrees. You may have seen a bank thermometer with the 107 reading, but many of those are not properly shaded and ventilated and produce erroneous readings.

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