Dear Tom,

The Bears opening home game this season on September 11 was played in a blinding rainstorm., I remember a similar game in the 1990s with pouring rain. Details?

Roger V. Bartlett

Dear Roger,

You are recalling Halloween 1994-one of Chicago’s worst Halloweens–a night when a national Monday Night Football audience saw the Packers trounce the Bears 33-6. Weatherwise, it was a dreadful night with blinding rain driven by 60 mph northeast winds and accompanied by falling temperatures. Rainfall totaled 2.26 inches, a record for the day, and by late evening the rain turned to snow, whitening the ground in the north and northwest suburbs. The day’s biggest tragedy was a plane crash in northwest Indiana near Roselawn. The flight heading to O’Hare from Indianapolis encountered severe icing and crashed, killing 68 people aboard.