Dear Tom,

My birthday is on April 21st, and I was born on April 21, 1967—the day of a major tornado event on Chicago. Comment?

—Jamie Witherstom, Hammond, Ind.

Dear Jamie,

Friday, April 21, 1967, is a day memorable in Chicago weather history: The day of the Chicago area’s most devastating severe weather outbreak. A series of deadly tornadoes struck in Belvidere, Lake Zurich and Oak Lawn in the afternoon. Fifty-eight people died and 1,100 were injured; property damage (in 1967 dollars) exceeded 100 million dollars. Afternoon temperatures soared into the middle 70s before thunderstorms struck, but readings fell sharply in their wake as colder air moved in. With temperatures in the 30s just 48 hours after the violent weather, 3.1 inches of snow accumulated before ending Sunday evening.