Dear Tom,

I grew up in Mt. Prospect and remember going to high school in light snow and then being sent home before noon in near-blizzard conditions. It would have been between 1998 and 2002. Details?

Mark Z. Streamwood

Dear Mark

The storm was most likely the major snow that struck the Chicago area December 11, 2000. Though it snowed all night, conditions were not too bad for the morning commute and many schools were open. However, the snow intensified through the morning, falling at the rate of an inch an hour, and was blown about by strong northeast winds that piled it into huge drifts. As conditions worsened, many schools and businesses closed. When the storm subsided, Midway Airport had recorded 14.5 inches of snow while O’Hare International Airport tallied 9.5 inches. The month went on to experience tremendous snowfall with Midway logging 41.3 inches, a December record.